Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a strength-based approach to growth and change that harnesses the best of what already IS, and builds on those strengths.

The fundamental principle of AI is that an organization grows and expands in the direction the people are focused on. If people are focused on problems–identifying and solving, they will stay stuck in a problem–focused paradigm. Alternatively if people are focused on strengths, and building strengths, then the culture will be expansive and forward–focused. 

This is a philosophy used worldwide. Teams are guided through a process of DEFINITION, DISCOVERY, DREAM, DESIGN, and DESTINY. Finishing the process with a plan of action for the present and future.

The term “Appreciative Inquiry” likely sounds a bit dry and technical to you. If that’s where your brain went, I assure you, it’s not a dry or technical concept.

I like to equate the word “appreciate” to value, prize or revere. Those words feel rich to me.

"Inquiry" is about discovering, envisioning and dreaming with innovation about what can be—in this present moment. 

The process of team-building through Appreciative Inquiry involves storytelling and exploring the best of what already exists, through team connection, and sharing.

So basically Appreciative Inquiry (AI) flips the negative “glass half-full” paradigm on its head.

It’s brilliantly simple, yet it can be quite complex to learn to see things differently and to integrate strength-based thinking into our "glass half full" brains. We all have a way of seeing the world the through the lens of our thoughts, experiences and feelings, shaping our reality in the process. If we see things through a positive lens, we will be creating happiness and wholeness for ourselves.

 In this workshop we will explore, discover and build on strengths. It’s about seeing the positivity, the beauty, and the profound in our lives, workplaces and communities.


In the philosophy of Appreciative Inquiry there is a strong focus on the present. So it's different than goal planning or writing a mission or vision statement. The philosophy draws on strengths so that we can live fully now (not six months or a year from today)–RIGHT NOW.


How this works:

We will spend time with your team going through the process of exploring the 5 Ds of Appreciative Inquiry.  

The 5 Ds:

1. Definition – Choose the positive focus of the inquiry.

2. Discover – Inquire into exceptionally positive moments. Share the stories and life-giving forces.

3. Dream – Create a shared vision of a preferred future.

4. Destiny – Innovate and improvise ways to create that future.

5. Design – Make a plan!