Ongoing Support, Coaching and Mentoring

Jenn Cusick of Luminate Wellness was the pioneer who brought WRAP® into Western Canada. As a veteran Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator (ALF), she has a wealth of experience with WRAP, and she also understands the complexity of integrating WRAP into a Canadian organization and mental health service system.


Jenn can support individuals and teams in these areas:

  • Coaching new WRAP facilitators

  • Creating an internal infrastructure around utilizing WRAP® within an organization and service system. Including developing policies and procedures and supervising WRAP facilitators 

  • Digging deep into understanding the values and ethics of this work, and continuing to make it the foundation of everything the program is built on 

  • Building a cohesive WRAP team

  • Utilizing WRAP for various demographics outside of the mental health system

  • Developing ongoing training opportunities and skill development for facilitators

  • Tailoring your workshops to meet the needs of your participants

  • Creating outcomes measurement tools, and report writing to prove the effectiveness of WRAP to funders 

  • Working with individuals preparing their application package for The Copeland Center Advanced Level Training

  • Coaching new Advanced Level Facilitators in continuing the learning and growth process following the ALF training. Completing the Copeland Center Advanced Level Facilitator Training is just the first step in becoming a seasoned ALF. Having the opportunity to work with an experienced ALF like Jenn for the first one or two WRAP Facilitator training will help you confidently implement the skills learned in the ALF training.  


Luminate Wellness welcomes any inquiry for providing support, and coaching. We are able to tailor our support around your needs as an individual or organization to meet your WRAP goals. 


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