Jenn is one of those people that you will occasionally meet that is truly and genuinely beautiful on both the inside and the outside.

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Jenn through my previous work with both adult mental health WRAP and a new initiative called High School WRAP, both in Edmonton, Alberta.

Jenn embraces and models the characteristics of an amazing facilitator....jenn coaches rather than “tells”; listens more than she talks, can expertly frame all participant feedback as positive and enhancing contributions; and brings so much of her warm, vibrant nature to the WRAP trainings. Jenn is kind of like a warm mug of your favorite hot chocolate on a brisk day...when Jenn facilitates a session, it just feels right and you leave with a satisfied smile on your face but still wanting more!
— Komala Pepin - Owner of The Joy of Wellness, former Manager of Recovery Supports Alberta Health Services - Edmonton Zone



I have been fortunate to collaborate with Jenn on various recovery based training initiatives over the past 10 years. She has always demonstrated a high level of skill and flexibly in her delivery of services. She has been very creative in responding to training needs that we have identified. Jenn is very passionate about supporting individuals to develop the skills to be effective in their roles whether it is their personal lives or professional roles. She has worked with a wide range of individuals and I have received positive feedback from my staff that have attended training programs that she facilitated.
— Anthony Neptune - Fraser Health Rehabilitation and Recovery Manager



I have the ongoing pleasure of working with Jenn on developing WRAP strategies for my health organization. We are currently in the third year of a three year project. Working with Jenn has been extremely collaborative, allowing me as the busy project manager to turn many a responsibility over to Jenn. Jenn is strategic, thoughtful, professional, warm and engaging. She also meets all timelines and exceeds all deliverables, an organization’s dream! I recommend working with Jenn, she remains a valued partner in a project that would not succeed if she were not at the helm.
— Shana Hall - Project Manager, Mental Health and Substance Use Services - Island Health



As a recent participant taking part in a WRAP group facilitated by Jenn Cusick, it didn’t take long to be drawn to Jenn’s warm, welcoming, and personable presence. For one to open up about certain topics, especially those revolving around one’s mental health in a group setting can surely be an unsettling experience for some. But Jenn has the natural ability to engage a room and create a fun learning, trust worthy, and non-judgemental experience to guide those on their mental health journeys.
Jenn simply cares about others and is the epitome of a strong mental health advocate. She was undoubtedly meant to promote and teach personal wellness to others and I personally can’t recommend the services of Jenn Cusick and Luminate Wellness enough.
— Keith Wilen - Toronto, Ontario



Jenn’s passion for WRAP and compassion for people shines through as a facilitator. She treats participants with unconditional high regard and as her equal while supporting their choices and options in the learning of the material.
— Lauren Pearson - Project Coordinator at Alberta Health Services



WRAP has had a profound influence on my life. Having a plan in place to support my wellness has helped me in both my personal and professional life. I attended a group Jenn facilitated and was amazed at her ability to create such a safe space. She has an ease to her that makes you feel instantly comfortable, fostering trust and unity within the group. Her passion is evident and her enthusiasm is infectious; it’s easy to feel inspired in her presence. She is definitely an asset to the health and wellness field.
— Tara Strachan, BTR, CTRS - CMHA



I have attended several workshops that Jenn has facilitated. Her passion for this work in encouraging wellness, motivation and empowerment of self is inspiring. She is not only knowledgeable of the material she’s presenting but always takes the time to enhance her own skills and education. When Jenn presents she is confident, charismatic and open to learning from her audience too. I can’t wait to keep learning and being inspired by such a wonderful facilitator.
— Celina Jeves - Fraser Health Mental Health Worker



Jenn Cusick is an extremely skilled wellness facilitator. It has been my pleasure to be a participant in two of her WRAP sessions. I have learned so much from her about facilitating an engaging, informative and positive learning environment. You will come away from Jenn’s session with tools to utilize in your everyday life and be inspired to continue your personal development.
— Christine Naidu -Edmonton, Alberta



I had the privilege to receive WRAP Facilitators training in 2014. One of my trainers was Jenn Cusick. This training provided a venue to explore our own thoughts about recovery and wellness and ultimately how we encourage wellness in people receiving care. Jenn was clear about what was expected of us as new facilitators. Her approach is caring, understanding and supportive.
— Krista Nabb - Vancouver Island Health Authority



I was so fortunate to receive my WRAP facilitator training from Jenn Cusick. It was a great and lasting experience. I describe Jenn as the Frida Kahlo of WRAP. She is an artist of wellness who possesses the special ability to help one recognize and access their inner strengths. By building upon the positive Jenn has helped empower me with the tools to focus on personal and professional goals, self-betterment and the pursuit of happiness.
— Kent Laforme - WRAP Facilitator BCSS - Victoria



The Desire Map has helped me to focus on what I want out of life. It’s opened me up and I notice that my thoughts and feelings have shifted, in a subtle way. Not all life changes need to be big and bold to matter; small, gentle, consistent shifts can lead you to the right path and on to joy. I’m very grateful for this book and to Jenn and Danielle who created the space for me to really start to integrate the teachings in the Desire Map.
— Jane Meachin - Desire Map Workshop participant


Past and Current Clients:

  • Fraser Health Authority

  • Vancouver Island Health Authority

  • Alberta Health Services - Edmonton Zone

  • The Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery

  • Vancouver Coastal Health Authority

  • BCSS Victoria Branch

  • CMHA Vancouver-Burnaby Branch

  • The Joy of Wellness - Edmonton, Alberta

  • Communitas Supportive Care Society

  • Richmond Society for Community Living

  • Valley Pulp & Sawdust Carriers

  • CIVL Radio