Wellness in the Workplace

Do you want your employees to be in their jobs for the paycheque?

Do you want them clocking hours until they get to go home?

Struggling with their mental health, and fearful to say anything? 

Most employers want engaged, connected and energized, productive employees. You get that by investing in your staff,  supporting their mental health and wellness. What do you currently do to support your staff? What can you add to you efforts? 

In 2014 the Mental Health Commission of Canada published a National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. 

Well-being is accessible when we mindfully perceive ourselves as fully integrated people. The way we take care of ourselves in our home life and at work, makes a huge difference in our mental health. Compartmentalizing work and life is not helpful in living a life of wholeness. 

Canadians spend a large amount of the week at work.

Maintaining positive mental health includes taking a good look at the workplace. 

In recent years there has been a push to creating physically safe working environments. The majority of Canadian businesses and organizations all have integrated Occupational Health and Safety Standards into their procedures. Now the Mental Health Commission of Canada states that creating environments that encourage mental health is just as important as incorporating physical safety standards. It is essential that businesses start paying attention to mental health.

Research says that working in a stressful environment contributes to the rise of mental health issues and illnesses. This in turn causes profit loss, high turnover rates and more frequent disability claim costs for businesses and organizations. The Mental Health Commission states that $20 billion a year is lost in Canada due to workplace losses. 

Many businesses and organizations feel unsure as to how they might address this important issue. Many don't have resources or experience in mental health to do so.

Luminate Wellness is able to work alongside your business to create opportunities for your staff to take a mindful look at how they engage in self-care both at work and outside of work. 

  • What makes you want to get up out of bed in the morning? 

  • What is life-giving about your work? 

  • What are the strengths you bring to the table? 

  • How do you want to feel at work? 

  • What are the things you need to do for self-care both at work and at home? 

Addressing questions such as the above in an in-depth way, can help establish and strengthen an environment of wellness.

Luminate takes a strength-based approach to wellness in the workplace. Our work is grounded in the philosophy of Appreciative Inquiry.

People and organizations do better when they build on strengths as opposed to focussing on deficits. "Moving towards" something is much more life-giving than focusing on "problem solving." 


We will work with your business to create a program or workshop that meets the specific needs of your workplace.

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