Boost productivity and show your employees that you care by supporting training and personal development opportunities for them. 


The Mental Health Commission of Canada says this: "With most adults spending more of their waking hours at work than anywhere else, addressing issues of mental health at work is vitally important for all people in Canada. Seventy per cent of Canadian employees are concerned about the psychological health and safety of their workplace, and 14 per cent don’t think theirs is healthy or safe at all. Such workplaces can take a detrimental personal toll as well as contribute to staggering economic costs."

They also state: "Disability claims related to mental illnesses cost the Canadian economy approximately $51 billion annually – close to $20 billion is paid directly by Canadian employers. Additionally, more than 50% of individuals experiencing mental health problems or illnesses do not seek treatment – and it is largely due to stigma."

Research says that when we invest in the mental and emotional health of employees, they are more likely to be energized, inspired and engaged at work.

Jenn Cusick from Luminate Wellness is offering experiential workshops for your organization. 

Here are some things past participants are saying:

“I have attended several workshops that Jenn has facilitated. Her passion for this work in encouraging wellness, motivation and empowerment of self is inspiring. She is not only knowledgeable of the material she’s presenting but always takes the time to enhance her own skills and education. When Jenn presents she is confident, charismatic and open to learning from her audience too. I can’t wait to keep learning and being inspired by such a wonderful facilitator. ”

— Celina Jeves - Fraser Health Mental Health Worker

Support mental health in your workplace. 

Workshop Options:

The following workshop options are offered in ½ day, full day, lunch and learn or webinar formats.
Workshops will be geared to meet the needs of employees in their particular industry. 


Reframing Stress with a Mindful Approach

What if…your employees have unhealthy levels of, or attitudes about, stress?

This workshop explores the profound impact our choices, thoughts, and language can have on well-being, particularly in the area of dealing with stress. It teaches participants that it’s more productive to have a healthy mindset about stress—and tools for managing it—than it is to avoid it. 

Take-away: Participants will reframe the role of stress in their lives and acquire simple mindfulness tools for managing it.

This workshop is offered in ½ day, full day, lunch and learn or webinar formats. 


Building Staff Engagement
Through Developing Soul Vitamins

What if…productivity and morale is suffering because employees neglect self-care?

This workshop teaches participants about intentional steps they can take to increase their well-being. This includes creating opportunities for fun and practicing self-compassion and mindfulness. 

Take-away: Participants will create a list of at least three self-identified “soul vitamins” that will support their well-being at home and at work.

This workshop is offered in ½ day, full day, lunch and learn or webinar formats.


Self-Compassion and It's Impact on Personal Responsibility

What if…your employees are feeling depressed, defensive, and unable to learn from their mistakes, thus affecting culture and productivity?

This workshop allows participants to explore the three components of a self-compassion practice (based on Kristin Neff’s research): self-kindness, mindfulness, and common humanity. They will learn evidence-based skills for overcoming the self-criticism that negatively impacts performance and well-being.

People who practice self-compassion are proven to exercise higher levels of personal responsibility, than those who don't practice. As well those who integrate self-compassion into their lives are more likely to offer compassion to others, impacting the overall culture of a workplace. 

Takeaway: Participants will acquire tools for developing their own self-compassion practice.


A Deep Dive into the Strength-Based Approach, and the Power of Language

What if…your employees are disengaged, critical and conflict-prone?

This workshop explores how worldviews and implicit personal biases can create conflict and disengagement. In particular, it teaches participants about how a problem/deficit-based paradigm can sap motivation and destroy connection, whereas a strengths-based approach can build strong, inspired communities.

Take-away: Participants will acquire tools for challenging their implicit biases and supporting connection and engagement at work through a strengths-based approach.

This workshop is offered in ½ day, full day, lunch and learn or webinar formats.


How Do You Want to Feel at Work?

What if…your employees are weary, pessimistic, and experience low job satisfaction?

This workshop asks participants a simple question: “How do you want to feel?” It teaches a new paradigm for goal setting that focuses on intentional living, rather than “to-do” lists. It allows participants to connect with the desires that will provide enduring motivation in all areas of their lives.

Takeaway: Participants will identify at least one desired emotion or state of being that they can begin to build into their routines at home and work. 

This workshop is offered in ½ day, full day, lunch and learn or webinar formats. 


4 quadrants.png

Making Space for the Sacred

What if…your employees have poor boundaries and resulting burnout and interpersonal conflict?

This workshop helps participants explore the importance of saying no, and creating priorities based on their values and how they want to feel. It touches on Stephen Covey’s Four Quadrants from his book First Things First, allowing participants to reflect on what is essential or sacred to them.

Takeaway: Participants will identify one thing they want to make a priority in their life, as well as what they will say no to in order to clear space for the sacred.

This workshop is offered in ½ day, full day, lunch and learn or webinar formats.


Appreciative Living

What if…your employees are spinning their wheels, unable to break free from the "we've always done it this way" cycle?

This workshop teaches the key principles of Appreciative Inquiry (AI), a strength-based approach to growth and change that harnesses the best of what already IS, and builds on those strengths. Participants will learn that when they are focused on “problem-solving” they stay stuck in a problem–focused paradigm. Alternatively, when they focus on building upon strengths, they can create expansive and forward–focused cultures.

Takeaway: Participants will be able to articulate the philosophy of Appreciative Inquiry, and implement it into their work. 

This workshop is offered in ½ day, full day or lunch and learn formats.


My Personal Vision–Finding My Why

What if...your employees aren't contributing to their full potential. They are unfocused and unclear of their strengths and purpose.

As Simon Sinek says "People don’t buy what you do; they buy WHY you do it.
And what you do simply proves what you believe."

In this workshop we participants will explore their "WHY" through an interactive environment. They will be guided through a process that will shine a light on their strengths, and bring clarity to their purpose and vision. Employees who lead by strengths and understand their purpose are more productive and inspired! 

Takeaway: Participants will be clearer on their strengths. They will be clear on their personal vision and how that vision intersects with their role at work. 

This workshop is offered in ½ day, full day or lunch and learn formats.


Here's what some past clients are saying:

Jenn is one of those people that you will occasionally meet that is truly and genuinely beautiful on both the inside and the outside.

Jenn embraces and models the characteristics of an amazing facilitator....jenn coaches rather than “tells”; listens more than she talks, can expertly frame all participant feedback as positive and enhancing contributions; and brings so much of her warm, vibrant nature to the WRAP trainings. Jenn is kind of like a warm mug of your favourite hot chocolate on a brisk day...when Jenn facilitates a session, it just feels right and you leave with a satisfied smile on your face but still wanting more!
— Komala Pepin - Owner of The Joy of Wellness, former Manager of Recovery Supports Alberta Health Services - Edmonton Zone
As a recent participant taking part in a WRAP group facilitated by Jenn Cusick, it didn’t take long to be drawn to Jenn’s warm, welcoming, and personable presence. For one to open up about certain topics, especially those revolving around one’s mental health in a group setting can surely be an unsettling experience for some. But Jenn has the natural ability to engage a room and create a fun learning, trust worthy, and non-judgemental experience to guide those on their mental health journeys.

Jenn simply cares about others and is the epitome of a strong mental health advocate. She was undoubtedly meant to promote and teach personal wellness to others and I personally can’t recommend the services of Jenn Cusick and Luminate Wellness enough.
— Keith Wilen - Toronto, Ontario
Such communion, trust and fellowship. An amazing group of strangers came together and had such a connection.
— Jane M.